15 Lessons of 2015

Happy New Year

As I celebrate the end of 2015 and the beginning of 2016 I’m counting down some of the lessons I’ve learned throughout 2015. What are some of the lessons you’ve learned in 2015? Please share and take a look at my list:

  1. Letters never get old. Dear world, I write letters. Most importantly, I love reading letters.
  1. Say hello and goodbye. The best conversations almost always start with a simple hello or goodbye.
  1. Being alone doesn’t mean you’re lonely, regardless of what the world thinks. I have felt the loneliest in a crowd of hundreds, and the happiest walking alone down an unknown path.
  1. Find something you love and do it as often as possible. Spend weekdays working to be able to do what you love on the weekends.
  1. Don’t replace your voice with a text. I live on my phone, but with all the messages, texts, and emoticons, what I have to say will never be heard unless I speak up.
  1. Laugh, especially during uncomfortable situations. I laugh all the time, when I’m nervous, embarrassed or overwhelmed. It reminds me not to be so stressed out that I can’t find the humor in certain situations.
  1. Pick your battles. As someone that often walks away from conflict, I’ve also realized that this doesn’t work for everyone. I’ve learned to pick my battles carefully and to listen more.
  1. The closest to you are those that always think of you, not just when they need something. True friends will always reach out to you even if you don’t.
  1. Enjoy the seasons. Like people, the seasons have taught me that time really does fly and there’s a season for everything. Find beauty in this change.
  1. Your family will always be your biggest fan. It’s easy to be a pessimist in this world; having a cheerleader reminds you that you’re working towards a dream that is achievable. Having your family as your biggest fan reminds you that those closest to you believe in that dream.
  1. Surround yourself with three types of people: Those that are moving the world forward, those that see the world the way you do, and those that you know will lead the world after you.
  1. Travel the world, but be careful who you travel with. I’ve committed to traveling with those that I know are as open to seeing the world and experiencing other cultures as much I am.
  1. Volunteer often, but learn to say no. I’m a workaholic. This year I learned that giving it all is not always giving my best. I’m learning to say no to the things I can’t do without compromising other commitments.
  1. Some people will never understand you; teach them to respect you. Tolerance starts with respect. I’m learning to accept disagreements but demand respect in the process.
  1. With all things pray. Everyday is a gift. I’ve learned to appreciate the small things in life. To be thankful for each breath, each opportunity, each closed door – knowing that God will open a new one. I’ve learned to pray for each blessing known and unknown. To love the world, and pray it loves me back.

Happy New Year World!

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